Benefits of Vivo Living’s fully furnished apartments.

Dec 1, 2020 | General Notice

Moving into a new home, whether it be permanently, or just for temporary accommodation, can often be a stressful experience. Packing, unpacking, running in boxes, lifting heavy furniture, cleaning and organising; that doesn’t sound like much fun to us. Luckily for you, Vivo Living is here to take that extra hassle away on moving day. Each Vivo Living fully-furnished apartment in Caringbah Sydney comes complete with furnishings, so from the moment you step foot in the door your new home is completely equipped with all your required household appliances. From the bed to the dresser, kitchenware appliances, and white goods, Vivo Living has you covered for everything you need for day-to-day living.

Making a move to a new area is already stressful enough, let alone having to co-ordinate and organise for removalists and moving trucks to take your beloved items to the next destination. Traditionally, moving day for most people around the world would mean a sore back, expensive upfront costs for removalists, and the extra worry of personal belongings and furniture being damaged or lost in transit. This can now be a distant memory as more and more renters are taking a step toward stress-free moving with Vivo Livings furnished apartments on the Kingsway, Caringbah Sydney.

Vivo Living’s fully-furnished apartments

Some may be concerned that they won’t get a homely or comfortable feel when the apartment comes completely furnished, however, this is not the case with Vivo Living. We not only aim to take the stresses away, but also strive to create the perfect balance within each apartment that allows for room to inject your own unique style to the space and make it your own. A few ways to bring charm and contentment into to your new space are hanging your favourite paintings or prints on the walls, filling your new bed with all your fluffy pillows or starting that beautiful indoor plant collection you have always wanted.

Having an apartment that is fully furnished is also the perfect solution for students studying abroad, business travellers, short term accommodation, and holiday accommodation. Whether you are on a short-term contract with The Sutherland Hospital, away for work, taking a well-earned holiday, or looking to settle in for a longer-term contract, from the very first moment you walk into a Vivo Living apartment with your belongings, you can put your feet up, put your favourite movie on and sip on a home-made brew. This flexibility becomes the perfect combination for those looking for secure short term Sutherland Shire rentals.

Benefits of Fully-furnished apartments

In summary, the benefits of fully-furnished apartments in Caringbah Sydney with Vivo Living include.

  • No need to move heavy furniture or pay upfront costs for couriers
  • Ideal for short-term living and flexible contracts
  • Although the apartments come completely furnished, there is still room for you to style, decorate, and make your Vivo Living home feel like your own.
  • All the furnishings you will find in a Vivo Living Apartment are of high quality and standard so you can expect nothing less than the best.
  • Ideal location if searching for Sutherland Shire rentals or accommodation in Cronulla 
  • Vivo Living furnished apartments are a perfect solution for downsizing.

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Vivo Living’s fully-furnished apartments